DPF Cleaning Solution

DPF Cleaning Solution/ Engine Carbon Cleaning We cover all models & makes including commercial vehicles, Comment below with your vehicle details for a FREE quote. ☀️ Cost Effective Solution ☀️ No expensive DPF replacements ☀️ Same Day Service ☀️ Free Delivery & Collection ☀️ Dropped to us in 2 hours is ready ☀️ Original Condition Restored by up to 98% ☀️ Environmentally Friendly ☀️ 12 months Warranty on all DPF Cleans 

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DPF Cleaning/Unblocking.

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The benefits you can get from simply having one of our Technicians clean your engine...

Restore Engine Components

Have you got a failing engine component? Cleaning can not only prevent such failures but if dealt with promptly can also restore components exhibiting signs of failure. 

Power and Performance*

Is your vehicle down on power or performance? This will be due to loss of efficiency. Cleaning can help to restore that efficiency giving you back the power and performance.

Fuel efficiency*

Have you noticed fuel efficiency / miles per gallon (MPG) has dropped? Often this is caused by carbon restricting engine efficiency. Cleaning can help to restore efficiency giving you more MPG.

Excessive smoke / High emissions*

Does you vehicle smoke excessively? Has it failed it's emissions test? Cleaning can help to restore efficiency that causes such issues therefore lower emissions and reduce excessive exhaust smoke.

Smoother engine*

Is your engine a running rough or lumpy? That'll likely be due to carbon clogging causes inefficiencies. A clean engine will run a lot smoother and refined with less wear and tear.

Save money*

Who doesn't want to save a few £'s? A cleaner engine is a more efficient engine therefore save you money on potential expensive repairs and help to reduce ever increasing fuel bills. 


How do we deliver our service?

All our Technician agents are come to you at home, work or any other safe to work location, 7 days per week. We will recommend the most suitable solution for your vehicle depending on ...

  • * vehicle model and age
  • * mileage, and if it's mainly city, highway or mixed driving
  • * fuels used (we highly recommend BP, Shell, Texaco and Esso over supermarket      and cheaper alternatives)
  • * if there is heavy duty carbon build-up causing suspected engine component clogging leading to faults.

 1.Hydrogen and Oxygen is pulsed in through the air intake for 30-60 minutes (dependant on engine size).The Oxygen increases combustion temperature but also shortens the combustion therefore there is no excessive heat. This helps to burn away oily residues.The Hydrogen, as in any other universal scenario, will interact with the Carbon at these high temperatures causing the 2 to bond back into their joint form Hydrocarbons so that it can exit the exhaust. As this is a gas it's an extremely safe process which is cost efficient due to the non-intrusive process.

2.The 2 stage process  our proprietary injector cleaner, designed specifically to clean the fuel lines, pumps and injectors whilst using Hydrogen.As our Hydrogen service is pulsed in through the air intake it doesn't clean the injectors. One of many causes of carbon build-up in engines is clogged injectors which leads to incorrect spray pattern and in turn poor combustion. It makes logical sense to have the injector cleaned at the same time as the rest of the engine.

3.The stage 3 process a chemical clean. In many engines (mainly diesels and petrol turbo engines) there's not just hard stubborn carbon that needs to be removed, there's also oily residues that can become quite thick and junky. Hydrogen doesn't have such a great reaction with moist clogging therefore it's best to remove it before tackling the hardened carbon with the Hydrogen. Our specially formulated chemical is not only safe but whilst cleaning will also dry out the hardened carbon. This will allow the Hydrogen to interact with the carbon even more efficiently giving a much through clean.

How it Works

The Engine Carbon Clean system works by using water to create hydrogen and oxygen which pass through the air intake of an engine and out through the exhaust system as a gas, helping to remove the excess carbon that leads to poor running issues.


It’s a simple and safe process and requires no dismantling of engine parts or the use of harmful chemical products. We recommended using the Engine Carbon Clean service as part of your vehicle’s regular maintenance schedule.


  • The engine is brought up to normal operating temperature
  • The air filter is removed
  • HHO gas is fed into the air intake.
  • The engine is left idling for approx. 40 minutes (or more depending on the engine size) with occasional revving, during which the carbon deposits are progressively removed and pass out through the exhaust pipe.  The combination of hydrogen and oxygen enrichment gently loosens & burns off carbon deposits. Water vapour and carbon is carried out in the exhaust.  Simple Fast and Effective
  • Cleans pistons crowns, valves, maintains EGR valves,  DPF. 
  • Restores full air and exhaust gas flow and hence improves performance
  • Reduces emissions
  • Restores bhp and improves mpg.
  • Simple process




  • Pre service engine management code diagnostics
  • Engine Carbon Cleaning
  • Mobile service.
  • Pre service engine management code diagnostic
  • Engine Carbon Cleaning
  • Injector Cleaning
  • Mobile service (we come to you)

£ 150.00

  • Pre service engine management code diagnostics
  • Engine Carbon Cleaning
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Injector Cleaning
  • Mobile service (we come to you)
  • £ 275.00
  • Pre service engine management code diagnostics
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Engine Carbon Cleaning
  • DPF Cleaning (Injected additive ) 


Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Catalytic converter (CAT) Unblocking /Cleaning Off car, Warranty 12 months.